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TBA, April 2023

EISA Convention

At EISA's annual Press Convention, brands have a unique opportunity to meet the EISA members media at a single place and give them insights in the latest products and technologies, which will make their way to the market in the course of the year.

TBA, June 2023

EISA Awards meeting

At EISA Annual Meeting, members congregate to discuss current affairs and the development of the Organization in the future. This is also when the nominations are discussed and the final voting for the awards takes place - behind the closed doors.

TBA, September 2023

EISA Gala Ceremony

The EISA Awards Ceremony, traditionally held during IFA show in Berlin, is the crowning moment both for awards winners and in the EISA calendar: this is the moment when winners proudly receive EISA awards which are then made public.

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