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EditorMatthias Böde

Joined EISA in 1994

Published byR.H. Nitschke Verlag GmbH

AddressEifelring 28, D-53879 Euskirchen, Germany

Phone+49 225 165 04 60

Stereo was started in 1973 and is the oldest German hi-fi magazine on the market. Stereo has always focused on the pure audiophile perspective of listening to music, even when surround-sound and home cinema appeared. Today, Stereo is one of the three big hi-fi magazines in the German market. Stereo offers tests and other information such as, news, interviews and CD reviews. Although most of its work is devoted to high-end products, it also includes MP3-players and mini systems.

Stereo is aimed at the true audiophile music lover who wants more than just superficial information, and so it publishes listening results and detailed measurements. Its readers are interested in new media and technology but are also interested in traditional audio products like turntables.

“We became an EISA member to get a broader view of our market through contact with our European colleagues. Although successful and well known in our home market, the EISA membership gave us even greater recognition and raised our importance within the industry. Our readers definitely derive great benefit from the EISA Awards. And the Awards provide proof of the quality of our work, because every year we see lots of parallels between our test winners and the products that win EISA Awards. That gives the reader much confidence in the magazine.”