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Editor-in-chiefJeroen de Jager

Joined EISA in 1992

Published byReshift Digital

AddressNijverheidsweg 18, NL-2031 CP, Haarlem, The Netherlands

Phone+31 235 430 000

Computer!Totaal brings you up to date in the area of smartphones, tablets, peripherals, gadgets, and computers. We show you how to get the most out of it with the right software and services, and we provide complete tests and targeted purchasing advice. The content is easy to understand and clarified further through clever use of images, tables, and diagrams. We have clear categories and content types, so you can immediately tell what it is about.

For Computer!Totaal, EISA offers a unique opportunity to discuss many things in a friendly and honest manner with the most highly regarded colleagues in the magazine field. These include discussions about different ways to test and debates about coming trends. These are increasingly vital for maintaining our leading position in the magazine business world. EISA also gives Computer!Totaal a unique position in The Netherlands.