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Publishing frequency6 issues per year plus 2-3 special issues


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Editor-in-chiefThomas Schmidt

Joined EISA in 1997

Published byMichael E. Brieden Verlag GmbH

AddressGartroper Strasse 42, D-47138 Duisburg, Germany

Phone+49 203 429 22 22

Hifi Test TV Video was founded 1992 to give the general consumer an easy-to-understand magazine, alongside the specialist magazines. This approach was widely appreciated by its readers and the magazine has had a high circulation from the beginning. It covers a wide range of consumer electronics products and offers reviews, tests, features, advice, help, show reports, interviews and buying guides. It’s aimed at readers planning to buy a product and who want information about what’s going on in consumer electronics. Its readers have a big interest in consumer electronics and are 90% male, aged 20-50.

“Being the only German member in the EISA Video Panel gives us more importance in the eyes of our readers and the industry. As an EISA member, we benefit from knowing about, and receiving products and technology at a very early stage. It also helps us to keep in touch with the most important developers, manufacturers and distributors. Sharing knowledge and ideas with almost 50 EISA members gives us an advantage over other magazines. These benefits are highly appreciated by our readers.”