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Editor-in-chiefElmar Michels

Joined EISA in 2002

Published byMichael E. Brieden Verlag GmbH

AddressGartroper Strasse 42, D-47138 Duisburg, Germany

Phone+49 203 4292 274

When Car&Hifi was launched in 1990, it was the first magazine in the German-speaking countries to cover mobile audio and electronics. And when in-car-CD was still new, Car&Hifi not only provided audio enthusiasts with the latest reviews, but also offered groundbreaking advice and information on how to achieve the best sonic performance in any car. Car&Hifi was involved in projects like the German Car & Sound audio fair and the European Car Audio Press (ECAP). Always aiming to pick up the latest trends in the market, Car&Hifi made future technologies an inherent part of the magazine by introducing the Car Hitech section in 2000, which extended the magazine’s content to multimedia subjects like DVD and in-car navigation. Now, readers find reviews on products across the whole breadth of in-car entertainment in every issue, as well as in-car installations, DIY stories, car media basics and background information.

The magazine’s readers are mostly aged 18-35, are car enthusiasts and can’t live without high-quality mobile entertainment! They spend lots of time and money improving their cars, often with high-end audio installations. Car&Hifi is also read by people looking for sophisticated solutions for everyday car use, from entertainment to communication to navigation. Readers use the magazine both as a buyers’ guide and a source of inspiration.

“Being an EISA member is special for Car&Hifi, as EISA is the only truly European organisation of its kind and the EISA Awards are still unmatched in their quality and credibility. Exchanging news and information with colleagues from all over Europe helps CAR&HIFI to improve its own quality, while EISA benefits from the contributions of its members. This European ideal brought EISA to where it is now and will surely enjoy at least another 25 years of success.”