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Editor-in-chiefGuido Randerath

Joined EISA in 1997

Published byMichael E. Brieden Verlag GmbH

AddressGartroper Strasse 42, D-47138 Duisburg, Germany

Phone+49 203 42 92 222

When it was first published in 1993, Heimkino was the first special interest magazine in the German-speaking market to be dedicated exclusively to the technology of home theater and the cinema experience at home. Thorough and detailed test reports on all kinds of home theater products, especially Flat TVs, projectors, electronics and loudspeakers, make up the most of Heimkino’s content, but it also features regular reports on home cinema systems built by its readers, plus industry and trade show news, DIY and tuning tips and reviews of all major releases on DVD, Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD.

Heimkino is aimed at all kinds of home theater enthusiasts, whether they are experienced hobbyists or beginners, and whether they have dedicated cinemas or enjoy the cinematic experience in their living rooms. Its readers expect - and receive - help in their buying-decisions as well as background information, tips and inspiration on all aspects of their hobby.

“The annual EISA Awards are Europe’s most important and most respected awards for consumer electronics products, because they are based on the combined competence of nearly 50 magazines from 19 countries. To be the exclusive German EISA member in the Home Theatre Panel is an honour, but at the same time, an obligation to live up to these standards every day. Our readers benefit greatly from our EISA membership, because we are always among the first to be informed about new products and technologies.”