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Publishing frequency7 issues per year

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Editor-in-chiefJamie Biesemans

Joined EISA in 2011

Published by360 Publishing

AddressVan den Hautelei 101, 2100 Deurne, Belgium

Phone+32 473 946983

Established in Belgium in 2005 to offer a fresh look at audio, video and smart home technology to a broad group of consumers, FWD Magazine is part of the Benelux-based 360 Publishing. Together with sister print publications, FWD Magazine contains in-depth reviews – both standalone and comparative – of televisions, projectors, AV-receivers, hi-fi equipment, and smart home products. An important part of the magazine are the features, background stories and explainers to inform readers about new technology and how to use their AV equipment and smart devices optimally. All articles are written by professionals with a vast experience in testing and creating reviews both for an expert and lay public. FWD Magazine is present online on, and is accompanied by an online platform with a broader scope on