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Editor-in-chiefToralf Sandåker

Joined EISA in 2019

Published byExciter AS

AddressPostal Address: Fotomag, Postboks 200, N-1471 Lorenskog, Norway
Street Address: Fjellhamarveien 52, N-1472 Fjellhamar, Norway

PhonePhone: +47 400 96 005
Mobile: +47 971 82 675

Fotomag is a digital interactive multimedia magazine for photography, video and mobile imaging, started in 2016. Main focus is on testing photography related products, bringing news on products, technology and photography in general. We conduct our own unbiased tests, and sometimes cooperate with other independent test labs and publications.
Fotomag is published digitally 8 times per year with 80-100 pages in average, and also publishes news and tests on our web site We are targeting readers who have a special interest in photography as an activity as well as culturally. While traditional photography certainly gets our attention, we also have an emphasis on mobile photography and video, with special focus on storytelling and social media. Our readers span from the dedicated vacation storyteller to enthusiasts and professionals.

RSS Editor’s Choice

  • Canon EOS R100 31st May 2023
    Er ringen sluttet nå, Canon? EOS R100 er det minste og enkleste kameraet i EOS R-systemet. Det er dessuten EOS R-kamera nr. 13. Kan det være et lykketall?
  • En ny speilrefleks – til sort-hvitt 30th May 2023
    Ingenting er vel mer retro enn å fotografere sorthvitt med speilreflekskamera. Og hvem andre enn Pentax er det som kan by på et nytt digitalt speilreflekskamera – i sorthvitt?
  • Canon RF 100–300mm F2.8L IS USM 30th May 2023
    Mens det tilbys flere speilløse lange superteler og -zoomer, er det mange som har savnet en speilløs 300mm F2.8.