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Publishing frequency8 issues per year

Subscription7000 HUF

International subscription€30

Retail price per copy896 HUF / €3,60

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Editor-in-chiefSándor Benkõ

Joined EISA in 1999

Published bySoltész Reklám KFT.

AddressAttila út 101, H-1012 Budapest, Hungary

Phone+36 145 310 40 /+36 136 886 88

Until its arrival in 1999, there had been no other magazine like FotoVideo in Hungary before, with its stylish combination of photography and technology. It offers news, interviews, reviews, tests and features, and is aimed at both young and old photographers, amateurs and professionals, as well as those who like traditional or advanced photography, not to mention those readers who enjoy technical reviews.

“EISA’s Photo Panel works to a very high level of expertise. Testing cameras and making critical comments about them is always done in a very professional way. For FotoVideo Magazin, it was very important to join such a great team, and the EISA photo editors have been a big help in making us even more professional.”