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Editor-in-chiefRoos Schouw

Joined EISA in 1982

Published byFocus Magazine

AddressTingietersweg 115, 2031 ER Haarlem, The Netherlands

Phone+31 23 3031820

Focus was founded in 1914 as a dedicated photographic magazine designed to help photographers create pictures.  At the time, it provided a unique platform for the art of photography. Today, Focus is a modern and sophisticated photo-magazine, always searching for the right balance of presenting professional photography in fine art portfolios, and tests and informative articles about digital photography. Its readers are both amateur and professional photographers, as well as designers, curators and anyone who is interested in high quality photography

“Membership of EISA puts your magazine on the industry worldwide map. It brings you the most up-to-date information from the industry, and the industry listens seriously to comments from EISA members. Readers also take EISA Awards seriously. In its 25 years of existence, the Photo Panel has been first to recognise many important upcoming developments such as, the booming (analogue) compact camera market, the importance of autofocus and the growth of digital photography.”