Terms and Conditions EISA Maestro
  1. A total of 5-8 pictures based on the theme ‘Faces’ must be received by 1st May 2021 by the EISA Photography magazine or website published in your country (see member list EISA Photography Expert Group)
  2. All entries must be in digital format (from a digital camera or scanned film originals)
  3. The files should be submitted as JPEGs with a maximum 800 pixels on the longest edge. Images that are selected for the finals will be required to be resubmitted at a higher resolution (3000 pixels).
  4. Only one entry is permitted per person.
  5. Entries must be accompanied by your name, postal address, e-mail and phone number.
  6. You may only submit your own work. The competition organisers and EISA publishers will not be responsible for copyright infringements committed by entrants.
  7. The national contests will be judged by the editors of each EISA Photography member magazine or website and are open only to residents of that country.
  8. The International contest will be judged by all 16 editors-in-chief of the EISA Photography Expert Group.
  9. There will be three winners – 1st, 2nd and 3rd – in both the National and International competitions.
  10. The organisers reserve the right to publish winning entries free of charge worldwide and in any format or medium for the purposes of promoting the competition. At the end of June 2021 all national Maestro winners will have their work published on Facebook as part of EISA’s Public’s Choice competition.
  11. Neither EISA nor members of its Photography Expert Group will enter into any correspondence about the results.
  12. The National award-winners will be published in the June or July 2021 issues of the corresponding EISA Photography magazine/website and the International results will be published in all EISA Photography member magazines/websites in September or October 2021 issues, according to local publishing schedules.
  13. 1st prize: €1500 and the EISA Photo Maestro 2021 Trophy
    2nd prize: €1000 and the EISA Photo Maestro 2021 Trophy
    3rd prize: €750 and the EISA Photo Maestro 2021 Trophy
    Facebook Public’s Choice Award: €1000
  14. All national 1st place winners will be placed on Facebook for voting on 1st July 2021 for the Public’s Choice Award. The voting period ends on 1st August 2021.