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Pål Hermansen

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Pål Hermansen works as a photographer in the field of nature and arts. He is educated from Robert Meyer College of Art, Oslo, in addition to degrees in dentistry and homeopathy. In his work, he is mainly focusing on the interaction between man and nature, existential landscapes, and creative wildlife photography. 

Pål has written and/or illustrated 40 books and is represented in the 2013 international portfolio book, Masters of Nature Photography (BBC/Natural History Museum, London 2013). His images have appeared in publications such as National Geographic Magazine, ORION, GEO, and BBC Wildlife Magazine. He is a member of FFF, The Norwegian Art Photographer´s Association and is represented in the group 100 Norwegian Photographers ( He is also member of the art collective HAM together with Mats Andersson and Erik Malm and is an honorary member and member of the board of NN, The Association of Norwegian Nature Photographers.