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Mrs. Conny Müller

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  • Public's Choice Award

„Joy After Tough Times“

For many years, Conny Müller has had a close connection to the German travelling circus Probst. In her daytime job as a marketing manager, she has cooperated with this circus on several occasions in the past. This is how this 67 year old amateur photographer from Essen has witnessed this family run business closing doors for one and a half years, during the German Covid-19 lockdown. This year, she learned, that the circus has taken up 15 artists from the Ukraine, who have fled their country at the start of the war. Now the refugees are part of their team, working and travelling together and performing in front of Conny Müller´s camera. After all, that smile you´ll see on their faces, is not just for the visitors of the show. Its most of all an expression of joy, due to the fact, that these artists are finally able to perform again.