THEME: The Animal Kingdom



By founding the EISA Photo Maestro fifteen years ago, the Expert Imaging and Sound Association wanted to encourage both amateur and semi-professional photographers creating series of pictures who are connected to each other. This means that photographers are challenged to think in a documentary way but is of course on an as free as possible mode, to give its own interpretation to the theme of the year.

With themes like ‘Water’, ‘Transport’ and ‘My Country’ the EISA Maestro became already soon after the first start quite popular. And of course the attraction of the international winners is definitely enhanced by the prize money, the trophy and the invitation to attend the Maestro Award Ceremony, and above all by receiving the prestigious title of Photo Maestro of the Year.

Also, they do get not only a large national coverage with the publication of the winning 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize series in the EISA Photography magazine of the photographer’s country, but finally an overall publication of the international 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winner in all 16 EISA photography magazines and websites worldwide, reaching the best audience a photographer can get!

Since 2018, the visitors of the Facebook page of EISA have a chance to vote and make their personal choice of the EISA Maestro Photographer since all the results of the national winners will be online on this page.

Terms and Conditions EISA Maestro

Terms and Conditions for the EISA Maestro Photo Contest can be found here