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EISA SOUNDBAR SYSTEM 2023-2024 Yamaha True X series

A home theatre system of impressive flexibility, Yamaha’s True X combines the SR-X40A soundbar, SW-X100A subwoofer and WS-X1A surround speakers, all connecting to each other wirelessly for a slick, authentic 3D audio experience. Whether crafting immersive soundscapes from Atmos movie soundtracks or games, or playing music, the performance always captivates with its energy, detail and precise soundstaging. The fabric-wrapped enclosures are on-trend, as is the system’s provision of control via remote, app, or voice through its in-built Alexa microphone. And there’s another trick up this system’s sleeve – both rears can operate in solo mode as fully portable (and waterproof) Bluetooth speakers. For Yamaha, X really does mark the spot.