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EISA HOME THEATRE SUBWOOFER 2023-2024 Perlisten D212s

Perlisten’s D212s has a fearsome specification, its two custom-designed 300mm woofers, arranged in a push-pull configuration and powered by a 2.4kW amp stage, claiming a bass extension below 20Hz. But these specs only hint at the full story: in your home theatre this meticulously engineered subwoofer offers a fast, dynamic performance, with expert control over its output. Hard-hitting LF effects are delivered with slam, while atmospheric bass details benefit from the D212s’ impressive subtlety. Playing a vital part here is advanced DSP, which – in conjunction with Perlisten’s app controller – enables in-depth tuning to suit the listening environment, complete with parametric EQ. This is a subwoofer with both brawn and brains!