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EISA HOME THEATRE POWER AMPLIFIER 2023-2024 Musical Fidelity M6x 250.7

A perfect partner for power-hungry loudspeakers in a home cinema, the M6x 250.7 offers dynamic headroom, rich bass and a feeling of effortless energy from its rated 7x150W amplification. Inside the all-metal chassis, fronted by a milled aluminium fascia, a pair of Musical Fidelity’s ‘Super Silent’ toroidal transformers feed into seven independent amp modules, each with their own heatsinking – bi-amping is provided via daisy-chain outputs on the unit’s rear panel, above its choice of balanced or unbalanced inputs. A heavyweight amplifier in terms of both build quality and performance, with a wonderfully transparent sound, the M6x 250.7 is a multichannel marvel.