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EISA IN-CAR SUBWOOFER 2023-2024 Morel Ultimo PowerSlim PS12D

Morel’s long experience in loudspeaker engineering is fully on show in the Ultimo PowerSlim PS12D, a subwoofer offering a powerful, deep and tonally accurate sound despite its extreme design. Precious boot space is therefore saved without compromising on audio performance, while the build quality is what we expect from the brand. The stiff-but-light 300mm driver, with its carbon fibre and aluminium honeycomb structure, is backed by a large 125mm voice coil and hybrid ferrite-neodymium magnet system. Morel’s Progressive Field Symmetry suspension technology, meanwhile, brings excellent control to the high-excursion woofer, reducing distortion and maximising power handling. Even those who aren’t space-limited will be smitten by this sub!