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EISA IN-CAR HEAD UNIT 2023-2024 Alpine HDS-990 Status

Engineered for hi-res music lovers, Alpine’s HDS-990 Status adds HD WAV, FLAC, AIFF and DSD file playback to any OEM system. Its electronics are contained in a 1-DIN format black box to be discreetly installed. Bluetooth and three USB connections are joined by high-level inputs to work with the vehicle’s ‘stock’ source, plus versatile output options. These include six-channel line-level outs for an external amplifier, coaxial and optical digital for a separate DSP, and a high-level output linked to the unit’s built-in four-channel power stage. The dashboard controller sports an unmistakably Alpine design, including a gorgeous 2.4in display, and as the OEM audio signal is mixed in, no alerts or phone calls are missed. With the HDS-990 Status, Alpine has given us a head unit combining slick integration with the best-quality performance.