Format:233 x 328 mm

Average pages per100


Publishing frequency6 issues per year

SubscriptionNOK 640

International subscriptionNOK 690

Retail price per copyNOK 105

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EditorPål Otnes

Joined EISA in 1987

Published byForlaget Fotografi AS

AddressRådhusgaten 20, 0151 Oslo

Phone+47 45 86 28 18

Fotografi has been on sale since 1967 and highlights both the fine art and the technical sides of photography. It includes comprehensive lab tests and user-based tests of cameras, lenses, printers and software. Fotografi has educational articles on all aspects of digital photography, plus picture portfolios of both Norwegian and internationally renowned photographers in each issue. Fotografi is mainly aimed at professional photographers and enthusiasts.

“Apart from the prestige and attention that EISA membership brings to the magazine, the contact and cooperation with other EISA members is of equal importance. Sharing information and projects, discussing strategy and plans for the future, and last but not least, the warm friendship developed with European colleagues over many years.”

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