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  • A very short film about InnuOS 2.0 29th Juli 2021
    Further information: Innuos Inn-sights Camera: Olaf von Voss | Editor: John Darko | Motion Graphics: John Darko | Ad Segment: Jana Dagdagan This video is showing only at Darko.Audio ---------------------- No part of this RSS feed to be reproduced, recycled or re-purposed without permission. For private use only. Copyright 2010-2020 […] The post A very […]
  • RooDIAL adds a wireless, physical volume control to Roon 29th Juli 2021
    On the arm of my couch sits the US$99 Microsoft Surface Dial – not for use with Microsoft’s own range of Surface PCs and 2-in-1 laptops but as a wireless volume control for Roon. Specifically, the Roon Ready inputs of two new arrivals to the Hifi Racks hi-fi rack: the […] The post RooDIAL adds […]
  • Letters to the editor – Weeks #28 & #29, 2021 26th Juli 2021
    Mel writes… You frequently remind your viewers of the scant availability of hi-res offerings on the likes of Qobuz. If you take into account their complete catalog, you are absolutely right. However, the overwhelming majority of items have little to do with high-quality musical performance or recording excellence. I think […] The post Letters to […]