Frequently Asked Questions

    The Expert Imaging and Sound Association is a collaboration between, currently, 61 of the most respected international specialist CE magazines. These periodicals and websites deliver regular and independent technical reviews on new products, and embrace the full sphere of consumer electronics. Member magazines now extend beyond Europe to over 30 countries, including the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and India, and contribute their experience to one or more of EISA’s six Expert Groups: Photography, Mobile Devices, Hi-Fi, Home Theatre Audio, Home Theatre Display & Video and In-Car Electronics.


    Every year, the EISA Awards celebrate those new products that combine the most advanced technology and desirable features with class-leading performance. The EISA Awards extend from the most affordable, high-value products to the most aspirational expressions of modern consumer electronics. Award categories change from year to year, reflecting the evolution of product design and connectivity, but every EISA Award winner remains the very best in its class. The sheer strength in depth of EISA’s members ensures the EISA Awards logo carries tremendous
    weight with all informed consumers.


    Based on their own reviews and tests throughout the year, each member magazine nominates an initial short-list of products that
    best reflects the star performers in their particular Expert Group(s). All these individual recommendations are collated into a master list before the merits of these products are discussed in detail, and in person, by the members of each Expert Group at EISA’s Awards Meeting in late June. The final voting takes place here and all nominations are kept strictly confidential.


    With the exception of products nominated purely for innovation or design all candidates for EISA Award nomination must have been
    tested by at least five member magazines from the appropriate Expert Group before the EISA Awards Meeting. To achieve this, the absolute deadline for supply of products to member magazines is 20th May 2022, but preferably before 22nd March 2022, to ensure sufficient time for thorough testing. To coordinate delivery of your products to individual Expert Group magazines before April, please contact the appropriate Expert Group Manager [eisa.eu/staff]. If you cannot supply before April then please contact EISA’s Vice President, Ljubiša Miodragovic, as soon as possible [ljubisa.miodragovic@eisa.eu].Finally, to qualify for an EISA Award 2022-2023, the nominated product(s) must also be available for sale in at least 10 EISA member countries before 1st October 2022. Similarly, any pre-ordered products must be delivered to consumer(s) by the 15th Oct 2022. EISA Awards will be withdrawn from any products that fail to meet this deadline for their general availability.


    Companies with products in receipt of an EISA Award will be informed immediately following the Awards Meeting at the end of June. The President of EISA will be your primary contact in this regard while international distributors will be informed a few days later by the editor of each country’s member magazine or website. Confirmation of the Award will subsequently be made in writing along with our official Award Agreement and Award Licence documents which must be signed and returned to EISA HQ before the relevant EISA Award logo is released.


    News, press releases or other announcements of any EISA Award is strictly embargoed until August 15th 2022 (00:00 CET). Winning
    companies may use this information internally only and are also responsible for managing the activities of their international distributors during this period. The embargo period, typically one month, allows all winning companies the time to prepare their marketing portfolios prior to the official announcement of the EISA Awards on August 15th 2022.


    An official press release will be mailed to media outlets worldwide and the EISA website will go live with the official pictures, citations and videos for all Award-winning products on August 15th 2022(00:00 CET). EISA member’s websites will also go live with the same material from their Expert Group(s),
    translated into their local language, at the same time. EISA member magazines will follow this up with a printed EISA Awards feature promoting every
    product within its Expert Group(s). A full Awards listing will also be printed by every member magazine but there will be no grading of other products or identification of individual magazine’s nominations.


    Every year the EISA Awards trophies are presented at an official ceremony, attended by the Editors of EISA’s member magazines, and to which the principals of all winning, Full Licence-holding, companies are officially invited. The Gala will be held on the evening of Friday September 2nd 2022, at the Hotel Bristol Berlin (in Berlin), to coincide with the opening of IFA. During the Awards ceremony the nominated representative of each company will be
    invited on stage to receive its EISA Award trophy from the EISA President, Vice President and Manager of the Expert Group.

Key dates of the EISA Awards
  • Middle of May

    EISA Convention

  • October 1st previous year until September 30th, final year of the Award

    Period in between products must have been appeared on the market

    However products to be awarded have to be available for detailed test before the start of each year’s AGM

  • August 15th, 00:00 CET

    Public Announcements

  • August 15th until August 15th next year

    Validity EISA Award

  • October 1st in year of Award

    Date products must be definitely on-sale in quantities to the public in at least 10 European countries, with the underlined exceptions

  • EISA Awards presentation ceremony

    Starting day of IFA Berlin

EISA Rules


  1. All products to be awarded – with the exception of those awarded in Innovation and Design categories – must have been available for detailed test evaluation for the magazines in each Expert Group concerned. Latest and brand new products will only be accepted if they have been available for detailed testing before the start of each year’s AGM by a least 5 member magazines of the concerned Expert Group. In addition, awarded products must also be for sale in quantities to the general public no later than the 1st October in the year of the EISA Awards in at least 10 European countries. Products sold under a pre-order basis should be delivered to the originator of the sale up to the 15th October of the year the award is conferred.
  2. The use of the EISA Award title and logo is bound by the rules of an Award Agreement and a Licence Agreement of the Awards Logo which must be signed by a responsible executive of the winning company. The winning companies are only allowed to use the specific EISA Awards title and logo after signing and returning the official EISA Award Agreement and EISA Licence Agreement of the Awards Logo within ten days by fax and mail to the EISA HQ.


The Award Agreement must confirm that the awarded products will be definitely for sale in quantities to the general public no later than the 1st October in the year of the Awards in at least 10 European countries. Breaking this rule will be punished with an official rectification in all EISA Magazines and on the EISA website, an official and complete stop on using the specific Award title and logo in any form and a penalty of Euro 60.000. The official trophy and certificate has to be returned/will not be given. Already paid fees will not be credited.

Exceptions to this rules are only accepted in the case of awards categories like Innovation, Design or High-End, even if these exceptions can only be accepted upon a clear and explicit information from the awarded company highlighting the reasons why the above requirements cannot be met in full.

Affected companies will be fully liable for any damages suffered by EISA as a consequence of its winning product availability criteria not being fulfilled.



  1. If the Licence Agreement of Usage of the Awards Logo has been signed in favour of the full use, the Awards title and logo can be used as often as possible world-wide, in magazine and newspaper advertising, television commercials, poster-exhibition displays, product packaging stickers etc. The corresponding invoice must be paid within 30 days to the EISA account.
  2. If the Licence Agreement of Usage of the Awards Logo has been signed in favour of use in special-interest of Photography, Hi- Fi, Home Theatre Audio, Home Theatre Display & Video, In Car Electronics and Mobile Devices magazines, winning companies must not use the logo and/or title in any other form, including the Internet.
  3. According to the rules of the Award Agreement and Licence Agreement of Usage of the Awards Logo, companies may publicize their winning products after 15th August of the year the award was conferred.
  4. An Award is valid until 15th August of the following year. After this date has passed the winning company is obliged to cease promotional activities with its product’s Awards title in a striking way and to stop the use of the associated logo. The logo may only be used during the year of the Awards period; the title can be used in a not striking way for a maximum period of 5 years.
  5. The Award title must always be written out in full, e.g. “European TV 2015-2016”, “European Loudspeaker 2015-2016” and so on, always mentioning the year of the Award.
  6. While the specific EISA Awards logo can be printed without writing out the Award title, the title cannot be used without the logo during the Award year.
  7. The logo and/or the title can only be used in direct connection with promoting a winning product, and that product alone. The logo has to be printed at a minimum readable size of 30 mm. It is strictly forbidden for winning companies to change any typographical or graphical elements within the Awards logo artwork.
  8. The winning company is kindly requested to provide its national distributors with a copy of the Awards logo or other print material, and the rules of publicity concerning the Award.
  9. All publicity activity in support of a winning product, including use of the Awards logotype etc., is the sole responsibility of the user and EISA can accept no liability for any consequences arising howsoever caused.
  10. EISA can accept no liability for any consequences arising on the quality of an awarded product