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EISA MOBILE PROJECTOR 2022-2023 Philips GoPix 1

When you first lay eyes on Philips’ elegant GoPix 1 you might not even realise it’s a projector, yet within its ultra-slim and easily portable 18mm-deep chassis are DLP-based optics and an LED light source capable of creating images up to 75in (190cm). Designed to connect to smartphones, tablets and laptops, regardless of the operating system, this mobile beamer’s onboard battery supports two hours of video playback, accompanied by crisp audio from an internal speaker system. Image setup is aided by a tactile focus wheel and automatic keystone correction, while a supplied tripod encourages viewing sessions in any environment. Also bundled with a remote control and mini HDMI and USB-C cables, the GoPix 1 is a superb solution for those who need a big picture on the go.