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EISA IN-CAR DASHCAM 2022-2023 Nextbase 622GW

The 622GW is proof that a quality dashcam can do a lot more than just record video. In addition to capturing sharp, 4K resolution images, Nextbase’s top-of-the-range model features an image stabiliser to ensure excellent detail, Extreme Weather Mode for optimal performance in bad weather conditions, and Enhanced Night Vision for low-light recording. And there’s more – the 622GW’s monitoring function (made even better with the optional rear camera) brings peace of mind when the car is parked, and the unit includes automatic emergency call functionality and the world’s first dashcam implementation of the ‘what3words’ system, which pinpoints the vehicle’s location with an accuracy of three metres. Multi-talented and well-priced, Nextbase’s 622GW is much more than just a dashcam.