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EISA 8K TV 2021-2022 LG 75QNED99

Deserving of its flagship status in LG’s LCD TV lineup, the 75QNED99 emphasises the benefits of state-of-the-art mini LED backlighting technology, multizone local dimming, and 8K resolution on a crowd-pleasing scale. The TV’s 75in Quantum Dot NanoCell panel exhibits impressive brightness, a wide contrast and vibrant colours, while LG’s newly implemented backlight delivers precision illumination with HDR material that dovetails with the 75QNED99’s ultra-sharp 8K presentation. This is a performance that brings a sense of cinema to movie night, but the set is a talented all-rounder too, suited to largescale gaming (with 4K/120Hz playback from compatible hardware) and streaming TV from LG’s excellent WebOS 6.0 smart platform.